looking for a new business partners in wood pellets

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We are working in wood business for almost 30 years. We are mainly producing timber, and what is left after sawing we are making wood pellets. We are using only our own sawdust for pelletizing. So our wood pellets quality is constant.
As you know we have En+ certificate LT-011, and we are keeping this quality all time.
At the moment we can offer 20 truck/month.
To send sample, i don't think that is worth because we working in Italy market for 10 years. And our costumer is satisfied with our quality. Especially that we are keeping En + standard.
In the beginning we could offer couple trucks in our bags, as you see in PDF.
If it will be ok, in future we could order your bag. but it take to make bags for 3-4 weeks.
We know Italian market, that they want "White" pellets. We have new generation drying system, not drum or belt. That why we can offer bright pellets. you can see from photo.

Laura Sugintienė
Sales manager
AK. "Pynauja"
Papynaujo km., Kvedarna, Silales dist.


Mob. tel. +370 610 *****
Tel. faks.: 8 449 *****
El. paštas: ***** *****

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