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Kurilian Bobtail Kittens

A "Daikatana" cattery is preparing to sell kittens of Kurilian Bobtail - a girl and 2 boys.
Date of birth - 15/04/2016.
You can tke kittens on 10/07/2017.
SLH KBL. Very bright red color with white .
Kittens are born from acclaimed representatives of the breed .
Dad - Inter Champion WCF Nestor Rangerbobcat,
Mother Champion WCF Bessi-Rush.
Kittens have World Champions in their pedigrees . The parents of the kittens have natives ancient blood.
Kuril Bobtail - a short-tailed, a "bob -tail" cat . Friendly, curious , affectionate , intelligent and very active , showing dogs habits. Devoted to their owners ,normally tend to choose single host.
Kittens have excellent personality , taught to use a toilet tray and clawbar
Kittens have EU passports, by the time of the sale will be vaccinated and chipped .
A girl and a boy sold for breeding show cat and other boy as home pet

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